McQuay PKES Replacement Parts

McQuay International, one of the most renowned HVAC companies in the world, now Daikin Applied Products, announced that they will no longer be producing replacement parts for their PTAC units. That’s unfortunate, but on the bright side, the replacement parts for McQuay PTAC units are still available to purchase, and Daikin Applied Products is also making replacement parts for these units.

If you own a McQuay PKES unit and it is in need of replacement parts, you have come to the right place! At Lion Aire, we offer the replacement parts that you need to get your PKES unit back in proper working order so that it will provide effective and efficient cooling again.

Find the McQuay PKES Replacement Parts You Need!

Lion Aire is one of the most trusted PTAC suppliers in the area. We offer a range of brand new PTAC units and replacement parts, including parts for the McQuay PKES. Our replacement parts are made of the highest quality and will get your PKES working like new!

If your McQuay PKES is showing signs of trouble, there’s no need to completely replace it. You’ll find the products you need right on our site!