McQuay PDNS Replacement Parts

McQuay International, one of the largest and most highly regarded manufacturers or cooling equipment in the world, has merged with Daikin Applied Products. Those who have McQuay PTAC products may be panicking, thinking that they won’t be able to find the replacement parts that they need when the need them. Well, fortunately, there’s no need to panic! At Lion Aire, the leading PTAC product provider in the region, we offer the replacement parts that you need for your McQuay PDNS PTAC.

Top Quality Parts, Top Quality Service

At Lion Aire, our goal is to keep our customers comfortable. In order to meet this goal, we provide replacement parts for PTAC units from a wide variety of manufacturers, including the McQuay PDNS unit. From sleeves to exterior louvers, you will find the parts that you need either on our site or at our store. Drop us a line or stop on in and we will be glad to help you find the parts that you need and install them for you so that you can enjoy the comfort that your McQuay PDNS unit is designed to provide.

Our pdns1009cz and pdns1015cz are top of the line units.