Ice-Air PTAC – Providing Efficient and Reliable Heating and Cooling Solutions

There is nothing worse than not being able to properly moderate the interior temperature of a home or office. With traditional HVAC systems, it’s hard to control the cold and hot air that they provide, which can make it difficult to achieve the ideal temperature that will keep you as comfortable as possible.

There is a way that you can have better control over your heating and cooling. How? - With a PTAC unit! Packaged terminal air conditioners offer more efficient and more reliable heating and cooling than traditional HVAC systems – and they are easier to control, too.

Lion Aire Offers Ice Air PTAC Units

Lion Aire is the leading provider of HVAC solutions in the area. We offer an extensive line of products and supplies, including Ice Air PTAC new construction units and replacement parts. Whether you are interested in installing a new Ice Air PTAC unit or you already own an Ice Air PTAC unit and are in need of replacement parts, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Lion Aire.

To learn more about the HVAC products and supplies that we offer, including Ice Air PTACs, visit our website or contact us today! We will gladly help you find products and supplies that you need and our service technicians will expertly install them to ensure proper functioning and exceptional performance.