Servicing All of Your Ice-Air WSHP Products

If you are looking for a highly efficient and reliable heating and cooling system for a home, office, hotel, hospital or any other place of business, you should consider a water source heat pump.

Water source heat pump (WSHP) are a high performance, highly efficient heating and cooling units that are piped through a central water loop and function on their own, providing room-by-room comfort. These units are easy to operate, easy to maintain and provide exceptional comfort all year long. There are several manufacturers that offer WSHP products, and Ice Air is one of the best. Offering advanced technologies and outstanding construction, Ice Air is a leader in the WSHP industry.

Ice Air WSHP – Offering Outstanding Heating and Cooling

Ice Air WSHP offer several advantages, which set them apart from other WSHP manufacturers. These advantages include:

Ice Air WSHP new construction and replacement products can be used in a variety of applications, including:

Lion Aire: Servicing All Of Your Ice Air WSHP Needs

Lion Aire is one of the most highly regarded, reputable suppliers of HVAC and PTAC products and equipment. We are proud to offer a range of products and equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Ice Air. Offering a range of Ice Air WSHP products and supplies, we will be glad to service all of your needs. To learn more about our products and services, please visit our site or get in touch with us today!